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Ritual is a small general store and cacao/coffee joint. It is run by a few people who decided that they wanted a place that sells local, eco-friendly, preferably organic products not enclosed in plastic bags.

Why? Because local producers need our support, and we need their quality products. Because plastic is ugly, it leaches into your products and food, it clogs our waterways, and, the carbon used to create them is totally not worth their function. So, you can come in, bring your own containers, fill them up with local goods, and chat for a bit.

So this is our answer is to put joy into our everyday lives by providing things that give pleasure when used or eaten, and decrease the inherent displeasure caused by plastic.

We are open Tuesday-Saturday from 11am- 8pm. Visit us at the second floor of the Languages Internationale Building, 926 Arnaiz Avenue, Makati City (behind New World Hotel). You can reach us through email, hola (sa) ritual (tuldok) ph. You can reach us through our phone at (+632) 734 5486  during shop hours.